Diamond Cut

Explaining the Cut of the Diamond

The cut of your diamond is its most significant characteristic and at Grounds Jewellers, we believe it is a factor to consider carefully.

If cut properly a diamond reflects the light back up through the center of the stone to give its characteristic sparkle. A master cutter ensures full light dispersion, maximising the inherent beauty of the stone. The quality of the cut is called the "make". 

If a diamond is cut too narrow and deep, it hides some of the carat weight in the base, making the stone appear smaller than its given weight.

If a diamond is cut too wide and shallow, it will undoubtedly have a large top diameter for its given weight but light will leak through the bottom of the diamond, making it appear dull.

A well-cut diamond will reflect the maximum amount of light back through the top of the stone, making it appear larger.

Popular Diamond Makes
The Shape (Make) of a Diamond v's the Facets of the Cut